Dragon Warriors

Meet the Dragon Warriors, the brave heroes who will dedicate their lives to keeping you safe. There’s just one thing they’re not telling you …

A fun, fast-paced fantasy series full of slow-burn romance, mystery and magic. This series is complete at five books. 

Book One: The Truth About Dragons

Ramon Subramani, the queen’s charming Chief of Swords, is sent to investigate the reclusive Dragon Warriors. Ramon soon suspects the Warriors are hiding something, but they do not give up their secrets easily. To find the answers he’s looking for, Ramon will have to confront uncomfortable truths from his past … and risk revealing some secrets of his own.

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Book Two: Children of Shadow

When strange children are found wandering through Fenglas Forest, it’s up to Dragon Warriors Evan Carter and Tristan Allard to investigate. They’ll have to act quickly if they are to unravel the mystery, and stop the malevolent presence that’s spreading through the forest.

But there are some evils even the Warriors cannot stop …

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Book Three: The Heart of the Queen

The Darkness has come to Castle Linnivere. As the old enemy gathers strength, the Dragon Warriors desperately seek a way to halt its advance. Perhaps a solution can be found in the Gold Sea–the home of the Darkness itself–but only the strongest can survive the inhospitable desert.

Or maybe the Warriors’ best hope lies with the strange elven queen who arrives at the castle. She may well hold the answers they’re looking for … but can she be trusted?

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Book Four: The Call of the Dead

In her quest to end the Darkness, Evan Carter must venture to the uncharted North. The other Warriors believe Evan’s judgement is clouded by personal feelings, but Evan’s convinced she’s on the right path. As the Darkness tightens its grip, Evan must decide where her allegiance truly lies, and what she’s prepared to sacrifice to restore peace. Who can she trust? And where, amongst the ice and snow, is the ex-Chief of Swords?

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Book Five: The Burning Dark 

The Darkness spreads from the North, threatening to smother the world—and only Evan Carter can pierce its heart. But while the Dragon Warriors face this deadly foe, another enemy lurks in the shadows, right under their noses; for the true threat to Jerran has been lying in wait all this time.

One strike of the match, and peace will shatter. All it takes is one wrong move …

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