Standalone Books

The Night Mage

He’s impossible. Dazzling. Tormented. Trapped.
And only she can save him.

When ordinary Aideen decides she’s quite sick of being ordinary, she ventures far beyond her village to an enchanted castle. In the dark and twisted halls, she meets Faol, a lonely student of magic, who is struggling to pass the final test of his training: to defeat the ferocious Night Mage.

Unfortunately for Aideen, no one can leave the castle until Faol destroys the beast. Worse still, he’s been trying for years, locked in a nightly battle against his powerful foe. Now, with time running out, Aideen must help Faol solve the mystery of the Night Mage—before the monster consumes them both.

THE NIGHT MAGE is a fairytale fantasy, for fans of magic and romance, available to buy here.

Beauty and the Beast

This is a tale about beauty and power … and unexpected love.

When Rose flees her monstrous husband, she finds refuge in an abandoned castle. Little does she know, another monster hides behind its walls—a hideous beast, who carries a terrible secret.

As Rose tries to uncover the truth about the beast, she is drawn closer to him. There, hidden from the world, she finds something unexpected: a strange and dangerous love …

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is a dark, romantic retelling of the fairy tale classic, intended for mature readers, available to buy here.