• Available in ebook format
  • Published 2020
  • Cover design by Natasha Snow

Children of Shadow

Something wicked is disturbing the forest …

When strange children are found wandering through Fenglas Forest, it’s up to Dragon Warriors Evan Carter and Tristan Allard to investigate. The children have no parents, no known family and no memories of life before the forest. What’s more, there are ominous marks on the trees near where the children were found—marks written in blood.

Evan and Tristan must act quickly if they are to unravel the mystery, and stop the malevolent presence that’s spreading through the forest.

But there are some evils that even the Dragon Warriors cannot stop …

CHILDREN OF SHADOW, the second book in the Dragon Warriors series, is perfect for fans of fast-paced fantasy with a mix of mystery, magic, and romance.

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