Writing Roundup 10th May

I couldn’t think of an interesting title.

Anyhoo, I haven’t been blogging much because everything’s been pretty groovy. However, I have had a few changes I thought I’d share.

1 – Not writing-related, but I’ve decided to finally stop restricting food and drink. No more ‘No sugar, No alcohol, 300 calorie treat per day’ etc. I can consume what I want, when I want it (so long as I can afford it!). I was sick of feeling deprived all the time, and of my thoughts being dominated by weight, dieting and food. I’ve got more important things to be thinking about. I trust my body to warn me if something is wrong, and to tell me what it wants; all I have to do is listen. And I fully believe and accept that my self-worth is not determined by my appearance – despite what society has tried to teach me my whole life. It’s a work-in-progress to let go of all the toxic thoughts, but I’m getting there. I feel free at last. I no longer think along the lines of, ‘I’ll be/buy/feel/do X when I’m at Y weight’. Now, I just do it. I almost feel like life has properly begun – it’s that liberating. 

2 – I’m practising yoga again, every day. (I usually do Yoga With Adriene.) But this time, I’m not bothered about strength, calories, core… My only concern is doing what I want to do – and most times that’s restorative, gentle yoga. I’m here for self love and care, not toned arms. Peace, folks.

3 – I’m currently revising The Night Mage (more on that in another post).

4 – I’m not sure what to work on next. The project I dusted down last month doesn’t appeal to me anymore. It draws on very personal issues, but since banishing my Fear, I don’t feel the need to keep exploring them. I want to move on and put it all behind me… Problem is, I have no other contenders at the moment. 

So, despite a mild worry about what to write next, I’m feeling great overall. Since understanding my fear, things have really turned around. I’m more relaxed, more chilled out, more my true self. 

It’s all good.