Index Cards

I’ve been using index cards the last few days to record my ideas. Here is a list of random thoughts I have about this method.

1) Using index cards is a waste of paper, and this stresses me out. If I continue with this method, I will reuse any card I can.

2) I use index cards to write down all ideas, no matter what they are. This has made me realise how many ideas I used to forget, how judgemental I was of all ideas (i.e. only recording the ‘good’ ones), and how basically closing myself off to recording all ideas encouraged my brain to stop having so many. I’m having lots of ideas now. 

3) I naturally want to ask questions and try and hammer out a story, but using index cards reminds me to relax a bit, and let the snippets come to me. 

4) Right now a lot of my ideas are contradictory. I’m cool with this. I’m happy to let the story slowly emerge. 

5) It’s satisfying to hold a stack of index cards.

6) I prefer smaller index cards.

7) I prefer multi-coloured index cards.

8) This new WordPress editor is the worst thing ever invented.