I Wonder

I’m wondering about how English uses so many tenses, and if this is at all connected to the way we in the West find it difficult to be in the moment. 

I’m also wondering how I’m going to get all the baguette crumbs out of my keyboard.

I’m wondering if team sport is a good thing or if it only encourages angry tribal behaviour. 

I’m accepting that writing three pages a day is a good balance between work and rest, and I don’t need to go any faster. I’m wondering if our obsession with money fuels the glamourous nobility associated with working long hours. 

I’m wondering how many seasons Westworld will run for, and if there will come a point when it should end (and actually if that point came at the end of series one).

Current page count: 40 (out of projected 140)

EDIT: I wonder WHY THE HELL WordPress let’s me save a draft then kicks me out and loses the bloody draft. 

i wonder emma stone GIF by Saturday Night Live