• Available in paperback and ebook format
  • Published 2017
  • Cover design by Natasha Snow

The Night Mage

“His voice stole under my skin and into my heart. Everything calmed. The edges of the world grew darker and darker, until only his eyes remained.

But even they vanished in the end.”

When ordinary Aideen decides she’s quite sick of being ordinary, she ventures far beyond her village to an enchanted castle. In the dark and twisted halls, she meets Faol, a lonely student of magic, who is struggling to pass the final test of his training: to defeat the ferocious Night Mage.

Unfortunately for Aideen, no one can leave the castle until Faol destroys the beast. Worse still, he’s been trying for years, locked in a nightly battle against his powerful foe. Now, with time running out, Aideen must help Faol solve the mystery of the Night Mage – before the monster consumes them both.

THE NIGHT MAGE is a fairytale fantasy, for fans of magic and romance. Available now from all good online retailers.

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