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Game of Thrones

I’m not gonna mention specifics, but I just have to declare my undying love for this show. Seriously, this last series has been perfect, and the finale … my god, it was flawless. So many feels. SO MANY! 

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Anyway, I haven’t written since the final episode because my heart is too full. Oh, and the music–seriously, the music is unbelievably stunning. I feel so lucky to be alive right now, living through the story as it plays out. I am in awe of the massive talent involved in adapting these stories and making such a cracking TV show. Now, I just need GRRM to finish Winds of Winter so I can dive back in again …

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Mozart in the Jungle

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What a bloody brilliant show this is. I binge-watched all four seasons in like, six days, and then I learned that AMAZON HAS CANCELLED IT. According to the Hollywood Reporter “the move is…in line with the [new chief]’s directive to shift away from niche indie projects and deliver broader, big-budget swings in an attempt to land the next Game of Thrones”.

Instead of trying to replicate the last, inimitable big hit, why not do something bloody interesting and new and different – something like Mozart in the bloody Jungle.

I’m mad. And sad. And just … ugh. 

But, despite my rage, I’m also feeling inspired. I want to make good art. I want to make my own, unique art. And in this new age of publishing, there’s room now for niche indie projects. 

So I’m off to write. 

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The Night Mage Paperback

The paperback version of The Night Mage is finally available on Amazon. I proofed my copy for the last time over the weekend, and it felt amazing to actually hold the book in my hands. The cover is so beautiful (designed by Natasha Snow) and it’s a really nice size and weight. I love it.

And so, three months after I decided to spruce up The Night Mage, I’m now finished with it. This time it’s for good: I can happily report I’ve made the book the best it can be, and now it’s time to move onto something new. I love The Night Mage, I think it’s a great story, and I’ll be sad to leave Aideen and Faol, but I’m also confident that my next story will be even better. I’m constantly learning, growing as a writer, and I’m excited to continue on this journey.

Right now I’m on page 48 of my current project. I have to say, writing has never been more pleasant, more doable, than these last few weeks. Aahhhh … after the torment and struggle of the last couple of years, it feels good to say that.

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The Night Mage

I said a while ago that I was revisiting The Night Mage. The original draft flew out of me in 2016, and it was published in 2017. I loved it from the moment it entered my head – it really was one of those magic books that sadly don’t come around very often. But as 2017 progressed, I recognised a nagging doubt in the back of my mind: in my heart, I knew The Night Mage was not the best I could make it. 

You see, in 2017 I was in a toxic mindset of pressuring myself to write a gazillion books a year. As a result, I never took the time to polish The Night Mage to its very best. 

Well, I’ve done that now. The story is the same, and many people might not notice a difference between the two versions, but I do, and that makes me feel a lot better. I’ve culled around 9000 words simply by tightening the prose. The latest version is now available on Amazon. Soon, I will be producing a paperback, and selling on other platforms. 

I love this book. I hope you do too.