A Puzzle

How can it be, that even after reading a manuscript nine-thousand times, and having other people read it, I can still find clunky sentences, dodgy words, and TYPOS? Answers on a postcard, please. 

In totally unrelated news, I’m proofing the paperback version of The Night Mage, which will be available soon.

Right now, my work-in-progress is my slice of relief each day. Yet I’m approaching the end of Act 1, which is where I either quit, or scrabble for an outline. I have to keep trusting the process, believe in the power of my creative mind, and push on without planning ahead. In future drafts, I’ll have plenty of time to plan and tweak and make sure everything clicks into place, but right now, this first draft is pure fun, pure exploration. Right now, the characters are in charge, not me. 

But damn, it requires so much blind faith.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I’m going without an outline for this project. Don’t think I mentioned that before. A couple of months ago I was back aboard the planning boat, before I hit the rocks and remembered that planning sucks all excitement out of drafting. It’s fun, being so unsure about your own creative process. So fun!

frustrated fuck my life GIF

SECOND EDIT: So, I did mention it. But forgot I had. Oh good. All the wine is slowly dissolving my brain.